Why are you called Kiaana?

Kiaana is the Hawaiian equivalent of Diana. The traditional 12-lettered Hawaiian alphabet is only composed of five vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and seven consonants (H, K, L, M, N, P, W), so when English-speaking explorers and missionaries came to the islands bringing "white man" given names, they had to be transliterated to a certain extent. This is how the “D” in Diana became a “K” instead. The root origin of Diana comes from Roman mythology, borne by the goddess of the hunt and the moon (Greek: Artemis). Diana was the daughter of the king of all Roman gods, Jupiter "Zeus" which would of course translate to divine; and the twin sister of Apollo, god of the arts and the sun. Diana was an important figure in Roman pagan civilization particularly among the plebeians (before Christianity was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire in 380 A.D.). In Roman mythology, Diana is characterised as beautiful, a skillful huntress, chaste and a protector of childbirth. The ancient Latin word “divum” also means “sky, open air” which is appropriate since Diana was the moon goddess. She is 'light' and queen of the night. 'Kiaana' embodies the essence of a quintessential home - strong, divine and beautiful.

Is Kiaana sold in any stores?

Yes, we are available at your favourite stores across the country of India. Multi brand home speciality stores and modern retail such as Home Stop can be a great place for you to experience and purchase the product. Email us at with your address and we will be happy to send you the details of the nearest store to you. 

Do you offer services for business, interior designers, hospitality and institutional buying?

We are proud to offer exclusive trade pricing and services. Furthermore, bulk customised production in private label at irrefutable price points is an integral OEM branch of the business. Please email our CEO at, she has an ardency to be personally involved and will be happy to set up an appointment. 

Where do I direct press of marketing inquiries?

For press or marketing inquiries please email us at

Are you hiring?

To learn more about current opportunities at Kiaana, please email us at



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