An extremely luxurious quilted Aloe Vera pillow, the shell contains an extract of Aloe Vera, a native plant of Africa, known as lily of the desert and plant of immortality due to its medicinal effects. It has over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds such as 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. Cleopatra and Alexander were known to use it. While rejuvenating the skin cells, it helps in the formation of healthy dermis and fights against skin damage while keeping the skin extremely moisturized.

The open mesh construction that improves the transport of moisture to the skin is aided by the new age super soft microfiber fabric.

This fill allows for air entrapment, which makes the pillow push back up and take the shape of your head as your rest on it, making for the right support and great blood circulation.

It is encapsulated with a quilted shell of new age super soft microfiber, waded for added plumpness and comfort.  

Stomach sleepers do not need much support for their head when sleeping. The softer the pillow, the better, as this will prevent the head from rising too much and putting strain on the neck. In many instances, stomach sleepers will also find comfort by placing a pillow under their stomachs to prevent lower back pain. This pillow is particularly great for you if you are a stomach sleeper. 

Sleep like a baby!


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